Tire Installation

We do tire installations for residential customers as well as for businesses.

Home installation

Tire Installation

The easiest way to change your tires

By using our corporate tire change services, you have your tires installed and balanced during your work day. Do not take time off or arrive late for work to perform this task. Pneus mobile rive nord moves in your company’s parking lot. Each employee pays for the service they will receive. We offer full insurance coverage in both civil liability and garage repair and it is a guaranteed service certified by technicians with many years of experience. Our equipment is at the cutting edge of technology and we are 100% autonomous.

Course of a day in the company

Our team generally arrives on site at 7:30 a.m. to receive employees who have already made an appointment for their tire change via our website or by phone 514-893-4267. We identify the owner and his car and take payment either by debit or credit card and cash.

Subsequently, our technicians are busy changing tires throughout the day. When the work is finished, we will contact you individually to give you back your keys. It’s as simple as it looks when you arrive and at the end of the work. No wasted time on your working hours.

Request to open an account

By making an online appointment, Pneus mobile rive nord takes care of the logistics from start to finish.

From sending confirmation of appointment by email, to managing keys and payment. We take care of everything !!!